*Some basic time-saving information: 

*We buy most records except the following:
*We do NOT buy items with the following defects:

Water Damaged
Torn-up or ripped covers
Warped or melted from the sun
Badly faded

**We do NOTbuy the following records:

Most Country & Western after 1970
Time/Life & Reader's Digest 
Most Box Sets
Firestone Christmas
Arthur Fiedler
Herb Alpert
Bing Crosby
Lawrence Welk  
Jim Nabors
Anything that says "Collectors' Item" - because it ISN'T.
You get the picture - Everybody has these same items and I don't need them either.

**Some random facts about selling your records, etc:

Nobody pays the prices you see in "Collector's Price Guides." Those prices are for NEAR MINT condition items when big-time collectors are trading with each other. You only have NEAR MINT items if you cannot tell that they were ever handled.

The only price you see on eBay that matters is a SOLD price. Sellers list items at any price they want. Many accept "best offers" and will take a few dollars for an item for which they "ask" $100. Check it out if you don't believe us.

We don't mind if your records are not popular artists. You may have records you have never heard of and think that they are a waste of time. Even if they are worthless, we enjoy hearing the music. They can always be used for wall-hangings, skeet, or weight in the trunk.  :)

Most importantly, CONDITION IS EVERYTHING. Nothing is valuable in bad condition.

We realize that these are USED items and don't expect or require museum condition.  :)

You don't need to have a large collection for us to come look and offer cash.

Records which sold millions of copies are probably not rare or very valuable. The exception would be items in Near Mint condition. Elvis, Michael Jackson, etc. are almost never worth anything these days.

If a star dies, "they" don't stop selling their music. The value does not change. However, the publicity will stir up interest for a week or so.



**A little bit about us:

We have been buying, selling, enjoying and sharing music for 38 years. We can save you time trying to sell your records at a rummage sale or flea market or trying to find the right shop that will buy them.

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Steve and Julie Shiery
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